As the leaves fall from trees and fires warm homes, we embrace the changes with renewed intention. We are also susceptible to pesky illnesses. 

My precious little Pearl caught a cold so severe last winter that it had us ER-bound in the late evening. I listened to her wheezing breath from the backseat as I hurried across pot holes. We visited our pediatrician previously, who prescribed an inhaler, explaining in no uncertain terms that if the tightening in her chest didn’t improve and her breathing worsened, this trip was necessary. I can still recall the terror of rocking her struggling body in the bright, empty waiting room. So much of my heart shook with new mother fear, and I blamed myself: for not getting there sooner, for coming at all, for doubting myself, for being angry with my partner, for allowing her to become ill.

Since then, even a mild cold sends a shiver through my bones. She is healthy and happy, but I worry. I know how quickly simple runny noses take a turn. This easy recipe for a soothing salve is natural, non-irritating, and calming. It allows children to relax and breathe overnight, and smells delicious!

Soothing Salve for Infants and Children

The base of this recipe is cold-pressed coconut oil and tea-tree oil, both of which can be found at your local grocery. You can make as much or as little as you need, but remember 3 parts coconut oil for every 1part tea-tree oil.

Essential oils can be used in combination, and I like to mix it up. For this basic recipe I use:

·            Eucalyptus

·            Coriander

·            Lavender

·            Wild Orange

You may also like peppermint, oregano, lemon, rosemary, or thyme. I recommend starting with a small batch so you can get comfortable with the oils, the scents you prefer, and see how baby responds.

You’ll need six tablespoons of melted coconut oil in a medium bowl. Mix in two tablespoons tea tree oil and 5-10 drops of essential oils. I go heavier with eucalyptus, coriander, and lavender, and let the wild orange be more of an accompaniment. I love the coriander! It’s unexpected and so soothing.

Stir for 60 seconds to get a smooth blend of oils, then pop in your freezer! Once the mix is hardened, you can store in a medicine cabinet or nightstand for easy access.  

This comforting rub can be applied to baby’s chest, back, underarms, and feet for ultimate dreamland loveliness. My daughter lays down and lifts her feet in the air each night asking for a massage, and so tenderly dabs the rub onto her neck and chest, learning to care for herself. I love knowing that she enjoys it, takes comfort in its application, and recognizes the benefit, and it helps us both to breathe a little easier!

pictured: Moon Divas Guidebook for a Woman in Transition by Lara Vesta; Lemongrass & Lavender Pacha Bulk Soap; my homemade salves, and a powerful single-card drawing from the gorgeous Wild Unknown tarot.