catalogue of 7am

Excuse my informality, but dinner will be canceled as I’ve not left the bathroom floor

which, yes, needs to be cleaned. I see that

now, but our tables touch, and our lips have not in eleven days,

which is a number I use quite often despite it rarely being true. This is called a lie,

and they are smooth as matte red lips, both of which come easily.


Burning coils beneath my feet now, the distance between our tongues. As expected, 

            I just need a moment of silence 

                                for fuck’s sake. 

You should call your mother or go alone, 

but do remember that Riverside is closed. Horrible about Miss Denise — 

88 is a nice round number the girls say. I swear I heard them

talking about me again in the darkness of yesterday, my band name if you’re wondering.

And I don’t believe in innocence because I’ve never seen it, and I may have ruined them,

but I couldn’t hear that part. It’s possible I didn’t take advantage of my high school years.