Dogwood & Moon is a living collection curated by Adrienne Oliver

this is for the women who are still uncovering how we learn, and unearthing our gentle peace, and tasting the air and light. we are wrapping ourselves in love and unfolding, moment by moment. we are finding our way, with babies on our hips, and dreams still percolating in our bellies. we are the ones who have not yet settled. we are the ones who are ever-changing and expanding. we are the ones who are still reaching, seeking, with fingers in many pots, a song in our hearts, and our heads in the clouds.

this is an uncovering of the habits of joy, magic, lightness, and authentic voyaging. this is an exploration of the delicate + grandiose. the innate and the sought. the rooted, the celestial, and the world between.

these are the truths that are known. this is intentional wholeness + soulful wellness. this is a lifestyle for the women still uncovering their life + style.

here are the stories + truths of our journey. here is the intentional, soulful living.


for all things delicate & grandiose